How do I get my bike repaired?

The process is as follows:
  • First create a repair.
  • Next, a mechanic in your area responds with an offer.
  • Accept/reject that offer.
  • Pay via credit/debit card.
  • Once payment is successful, the mechanic comes to you and completes the repair.

How do I get Started?

  1. First, enter the location details for the bike repair by going to the settings page (click the gear icon in the top right) and typing in your address.
  2. At the bottom of the settings page, there is a blank form with which you can provide a description. This blank form is a great place to give extra details the mechanic may need, such as a gate code, a bike lock PIN (if you plan on leaving your bike locked outside), warnings regarding pets, etc.
  3. Now you are ready to request a repair! How do I request a repair?

Are the mechanics vetted?

Yes! Any new user who applies to be a mechanic must submit their past/present experience for review before they are permitted to place offers on repairs.

My mechanic never arrived/did not repair my bike. What now?

We hope that this never happens to anyone, and we take it very seriously. If you created and paid for a repair and either the mechanic:
  1. Did not arrive.
  2. Did not perform the repair that you posted.
First, attempt to reach out to the mechanic that was responsible for performing your repair(s). If you are unable to reach them, please reach out to our support email:

Our team will attempt to connect you with the mechanic so that a resolution might be reached. In the end, mechanics are not employed by FixMyBike and act as independent businesses using FixMyBike as a platform to connect with customers.

How do I request a repair?

Great question! Creating a repair is easy. Once you have provided your location details (see "How do I get started?") you can create a repair by clicking "Create Repair" from your Dashboard.

The "Create Repair" form asks various questions that provide information to mechanics to help them prepare for the repair. If you do not know the answer to a question at any point, you can choose 'Not sure/other.' The end of the form asks for a detailed description of the issue. This detailed description is essential in case the form missed any relevant details.

Next, you will be required to provide two times during which you are available for the mechanic to service your bicycle.

Once the form is submitted, we will alert any mechanics in your area and notify you via email when they respond with an offer!