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How to Remove Your Bike Wheel

Author: Jared Long

There are many reasons why you may need to remove a bike wheel. You may need to replace a worn-out tire, fix a flat, or add a sweet new rim. Whatever the reason, there’s one major issue you may’ve never done it! Thankfully, taking off your wheel is quick and easy to learn. 



Step 1:

Find out how your wheel is being held onto the bike. Most bike wheels are held on using a quick release. This lever will need to be pulled out toward you to loosen your wheel.



Step 2:

Now that you have pulled out the quick release, it will need to be loosened. Grab the nut on the opposite end of the lever. While holding the lever, spin the nut counterclockwise to loosen the quick release. Be careful not to go too far as the wheel will come completely off. If you’re taking off your rear wheel and your bike has a derailleur, the derailleur will need to be pulled back as you pull the wheel down and out of place.


Step 3:

If you have cantilever or v-brakes you will also need to disconnect your brakes.



Step 4:

Now that everything is loosened and disconnected, you will be able to smoothly pull your tire off of your bike.


Step 5:

Now that your wheel is off, enjoy your fix, customization, or whatever else you needed to do. Just one thing before you go, don’t forget to reattach your brakes and tighten your quick release when you put the wheel back on!